Q: What does the Company do?


Q: What does the Company do?

A: SmartPower Inc (“CREG" or "the Company") is based in Xi'an, China andtrades on the NASDAQ exchange under ticker symbol CREG”. CREG is aleading operator and service provider of energy storage solution on consumerside with the large electricity power storage station on a standalone basis andin terms of total capacity and number of customers being served. With theintegration of power generation, distribution, transmission, storage andconsumption in alternative energy and smart grid, CREG utilizes big data,intelligence control, cloud computing and AI etc. in its power storage stationsto achieve transformation to smart energy solution from conventional system andto pursue energy technology intelligence, power lifecycle digitalization, andsmart power operating platform. Its dedication in developing an internationalleading holistic solution in smart energy operating system is expected to placeCREG the forefront of smart energy management industry. Highlights of itsachievements span from its proprietary “Cloud-based Smart Power ManagementPlatform”, the application of big data in power storage, and unmanned powerstations. Alongside its accumulation of increasing amount of data, YNZH hasalso become a proven operator in safety and efficiency, letting itself tointegrate deeply as energy administrator with its clients and to rapidlypenetrate into power storage market.

Q: On what exchange does CREG trade?

A: CREGtrades on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol "CREG".

Q: Can I purchase CREG common shares directly from theCompany?

A:No, we do not offer investors a direct stock purchase plan. Investors mustpurchase CREG stock through a licensed brokerage firm in the public market.

Q: Does CREG pay dividends?

A:CREG does not currently pay dividends. Instead, we choose to retain earningsand invest capital resources to further the growth of our business.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of CREG SEC filings?

A:You can view and print a copy of our public filings under the SEC Filingssection or by visiting the SEC's website


Q: How can I get a copy of the Annual Report?

A:The annual reports upon completion can be downloaded in PDF file format fromthe Financials section of the Website. You can sign up for email requests forwhen the annual report and other documents will be available.

Q: How can I get current and historical information on yourstock price?

A:The current and historical stock information can be found on the main page ofthe Investor Relations section by clicking on theCREG” icon.

Q: Who are your transfer agent, independent auditor, legalcounsel and public/investor relations firm?

A:Transfer Agent: Security Transfer Corp; Independent Auditors: Prager MetisCPAs, LLP; Law Firm isFoster Garvey P.C.;Investor Relations: Impact IR Inc.

Q: How do I replace lost or stolen stock certificates?

A:All questions regarding stock ownership should be addressed to our transferagent so please contact: Security Transfer Corp

Q: Are there research reports available about the Company?

A:Currently, there is no analyst coverage of CREG.

Q: How do I contact Investor Relations

A: Email Ms. Vivian Chen at vivianchen@irimpact.com